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Is your child being exposed to parental substance abuse?

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2022 | Child Custody, Divorce

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably worried about your child being exposed to parental substance abuse when spending time with your ex. This is a legitimate concern. A child who is exposed to an environment where drug or alcohol abuse is present can be significantly damaged, which is why you may want to take action now to try to protect your child.

Demonstrating the impact of exposure to parental substance abuse

If you want to take legal action to try to modify custody or visitation, you should be able to articulate and prove how your child’s exposure to parental substance abuse is impacting them. There are many places to look for this negative impact, including:

  • Onset of behavioral issues
  • Poor school performance
  • Signs of physical abuse
  • Indications of neglect
  • Development of excessive worry or fear
  • The child’s shouldering of parental responsibilities

There may be other ways that your child’s well-being is at risk. You just need to keep your eyes and ears open, asking your child follow-up questions when concerns arise. You also might want to turn to mental health professionals and your child’s teacher to see if they can help you demonstrate the impact that it is having on your child.

Crafting the persuasive legal arguments that you need

Chances are that the other parent isn’t going to just sit back and let you obtain a custody or visitation modification. In fact, you should expect to face quite a bit of pushback. That’s why you’ll need to make sure that you have strong legal arguments on your side that speak to the law and are supported by the facts.

If you’d like some assistance in crafting those arguments, now may be the time to turn to a legal professional for help. After all, your child’s safety and well-being are on the line.