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Some professionals simply can’t afford a DUI

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2023 | Criminal Cases & DUI

Tennessee’s law imposes strict punishments for drunk driving even on those who have no prior criminal history.

Moreover, in Tennessee, a DUI is a criminal offense that will go on a person’s criminal record. The criminal penalties alone can be reason enough to fight a DUI charge.

Others, however, may decide that the penalties are manageable and choose to resolve a DUI accusation quickly.

Those who drive for a living may need to defend themselves against a DUI case

However, certain professionals in the Memphis area may not be able to afford even one DUI because of the other consequences that come along with a conviction.

To give one example, those who drive for a living may lose their jobs and careers over a single DUI.

Those with a commercial license will lose their commercial driving privileges for one year after a first DUI. The fact that the DUI did not happen in a commercial vehicle does not matter.

This is true even if they are able to get permission to operate their personal vehicles on a restricted license or with an ignition interlock device.

Moreover, many businesses simply will not accept, or keep, drivers who have even one drunk driving conviction on their records.

Drunk driving convictions may also affect people who just travel a lot for a living, such as marketing representatives or those who oversee multiple regional projects.

Other professionals may face work-related consequences for a DUI

Other Tennessee professionals may face sanctions, including the suspension of their professional licenses, after even one DUI conviction.

Tennessee lawyers, for example, could, depending on the circumstances, face discipline from licensing authorities. Doctors, pharmacists, nurses, teachers and other professionals are in the same boat.

Because of their professional situation, many Memphis-area residents will want to understand their full range of options if they are accused of a DUI.