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What am I required to do if stopped for DUI?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2023 | Firm News

Many people in the Memphis area have been pulled over because law enforcement officers suspect drunk driving.

These people know that getting stopped and questioned by police is a nerve-racking experience.

Perhaps because of this, many Tennesseans may later regret what they said or did during a DUI traffic stop.  What people say or do in these situations may make their legal situations worse.

There are some things you have to do to when you are stopped

Drivers in this state have to do certain things when police turn on their lights and start a traffic stop.

  • Motorists must stop their vehicles promptly. It is a criminal offense to evade the police.
  • During the stop, motorists must follow the police officer’s instructions. If they are asked to get out of their vehicle, they should. If the officer announces an arrest, they may not resist.
  • By driving on Tennessee’s roads, motorists consent to a certified chemical test if a police officer has a good reason to ask for one. If they do not, then the motorist will face a lengthy license suspension.

But there are also things to which a motorist has the right to say no

On the other hand, drivers also have the right to say “no” politely but firmly to the police:

  • A person does not have to give statements or answer questions. For example, you do not have to tell the police how much you have had to drink or if you feel like you were sober enough to drive.
  • A person does not have to take field sobriety tests or other tests that might show they are driving under the influence. They only give implied to consent to a certified chemical test. Note that a certified chemical test is not the same as blowing into an officer’s portable device.
  • While authorities might have a legal reason to search without consent, people do not have to agree to searches of their vehicles.

Motorists should understand their rights during a DUI investigation. If they believe their rights were violated and that they got arrested for drunk driving, they should make sure they explore the best strategy for getting the justice they deserve.