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Resolving child custody and support issues during divorce

On Behalf of | May 30, 2024 | Child Custody, Divorce

As a parent, you cherish all the time you spend with your children. You likely have a weekly routine of school, sports, extracurriculars and homework where you do not always have meaningful interactions. However, you also have quality time with your children, which strengthens your relationship and creates positive memories. These are the happy moments of parenthood, so it can be difficult to accept that some of this time will be lost due to your pending divorce.

Divorcing with children can make a complicated situation more complex. Working through custody and support matters can pose some challenges if there is a disagreement between parents. Thus, if you are having difficulty navigating this or any other family law issue, it is important to understand your rights as well as your options when it comes to reaching a favorable resolution.

Divorce and family law issues

At Dowden, Worley, Jewell & Olswing, PLLC, our law firm understands that divorce means change. While some changes can be positive, when children are involved, change can often be difficult to acclimate to. Our skilled and knowledgeable attorneys understand that family law matters are unique to each family, as there are many varying factors specific to each family member when it comes to their wants and needs. With over 30 years of experience, we continually seek and provide creative solutions for our clients, helping them obtain a favorable resolution.

Reaching a resolution

With regards to child custody, various factors are considered when making a determination. This includes the needs of the child, the preferences of the child, if old enough to express this, the ability and willingness of the parents to provide for the child, the role each parent has played in the child’s life, the bond each parent has with the child, the wishes of each parent, the health and stability of each parent and any home dynamics relevant to the matter.

Child custody can influence child support. Other factors that determine child support include the income of each parent, the number of children that will receive support, the needs of the children, the ability for the parent to pay and the parenting time of each parent.

When children are involved in the divorce process, parents need to consider child custody and support. This means assessing if support will be necessary and determining what type of parenting plan would work best for them. For some, an agreement can be obtained through negotiations or mediation; however, these could be strongly disputed issues, requiring the court to make a final decision.