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Study: Memphis has highest fatal auto crash rate in the nation

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

A key part of preventing auto accidents is research. For drivers, passengers, pedestrians and others who take to the Tennessee roads, it is imperative to be aware of trends and what is causing collisions. This is a vital part of staying safe. Still, a recently released study presented some sobering news for those in Memphis and it is wise to be aware of it.

Fatal collisions in Memphis are the worst in the nation

Consumer Affairs conducted a study using the most recently available comprehensive statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to come to its conclusions. It used the Fatality Analysis Reporting System – also referred to as FARS – and other analytic techniques. The numbers were calculated per every 100,000 people in various locations. The statistics were from 2022.

Based on that, there were 207 fatal accidents for that year. For every 100,000 people, that was slightly over 33 deaths in Memphis. Overall in total fatal accidents, Memphis was sixth in the nation. Los Angeles had the most at 341.

Despite automobiles having better technology and legislators and law enforcement striving to craft ways to tamp down on dangerous behaviors like distracted driving, speeding and driving under the influence, auto accidents remain a major challenge.

The roads in Memphis and across Tennessee are constantly busy and this adds another layer of concern for people who are moving around the state. It is particularly troubling during the summer months with travel and kids out of school. After a crash, it is crucial to understand the potential challenges that will arise and know what can be done to make a full recovery.

People impacted by an auto accident need to know their options

A fatal accident can lead to substantive changes to the lives of the family left behind. They will need to adapt personally, emotionally and financially. Even if the auto accident did not result in a fatality, there will still be issues to navigate. Medical costs, problems returning to work, needing help for basic tasks, rehabilitative care and more will come to the forefront. Knowing how to assess the accident, gather evidence and take the appropriate steps is fundamental to addressing all the problems that arise.