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Study suggests road design a big factor in Tennessee crashes

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When people in Tennessee are in an auto accident, their lives can be upended in an instant. Getting treatment and dealing with the aftermath of a crash can lead to a long list of problems with their health, finances and family. Assessing the collision and determining its cause are essential aspects of deciding how to proceed.

While there are common denominators in many accidents including distraction, excessive speed, alcohol, drugs, drowsiness and recklessness, other issues could have played a role. According to a recent study, poor road design is also a catalyst for accidents, particularly in Tennessee.

Tennessee in the top 10 of fatal crashes due to road design

In the study, data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for the years 2017 through 2021 was analyzed. They looked at how many fatal accidents occurred and compared that to how many in which road design was deemed a factor.

Tennessee had just over 5,300 fatal accidents in that time. Thirty-six were said to have involved poor road design. That is not a substantial number, but it is still a concern as it places Tennessee in the top 10 for road design issues.

Problems included narrow lanes, insufficient warnings of exits, unclear markings, overall flawed construction and design of road and bridges. In Nashville, most accidents happened on Interstate 40 and Intestate 24. Lawmakers are looking for ways to improve the roads not just for vehicles and their passengers, but for pedestrians as well. Nashville recently had the dubious distinction of being one of the riskiest cities in the nation for pedestrians.

There are options after an auto accident

This information can be helpful for people to be cautious when they take to the state roads in any capacity – as a driver, passenger, motorcyclist, bicyclist or pedestrian. Still, even with the knowledge of the possible dangers, many accidents cannot be avoided.

When there is a motor vehicle accident, the information from this study can be useful with determining a path forward. It is also critical to know how to solve the challenges that come from being involved in or impacted by an auto accident.