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The Proven Guidance You Need When Facing A Criminal DUI

No one expects to be pulled over and charged with a DUI. At Dowden, Worley, Jewell & Olswing, PLLC, in Memphis, we are adamant that charged does not mean guilty! We understand what is at stake and how to help.

As attorneys who handle both traffic violations and criminal charges, we are prepared to help right away. We’ve been finding solutions that work for our clients for over 30 years. Call 901-755-8075 to find out how we can help.

Understanding What Is At Stake With A DUI Charge

We are committed to keeping you in the communication loop. We will communicate with you and we communicate with the prosecution. We do this because our goal is to, whenever possible, get criminal charges reduced or dismissed.

We understand Tennessee criminal and traffic charges. We also have extensive experience with DUI, drugged driving and related charges. Since DUI is a criminal offense, there is more at stake. Namely, a DUI conviction can affect your:

  • Criminal record. You will also have to spend time in jail. This can also have negative social consequences as a criminal record affects your reputation and standing in a community. A DUI does not go away and cannot be removed from your record.
  • Your ability to get a job or obtain housing. Since DUI is a criminal charge, employers and landlords may see this as a red flag.
  • Your driving privileges. This can make it difficult if not impossible for you to get to your work, to parent your children and to do daily errands and tasks.
  • Your commercial driver’s license. If you drive for a living, you may not be able to get behind the wheel for work after a DUI.
  • Your professional license. If you are a doctor, nurse, pilot, dentist, pharmacist, broker or state employee, a DUI conviction puts your professional license at risk.
  • Your insurance rates. In addition to fines, a DUI will affect your insurance premiums.
  • Your mobility. You will not be able to enter Canada or other countries. Undocumented people face deportation.

When you work with us, you work with a team of skilled criminal defense lawyers. As a team, we share legal knowledge and strategy. We want you to have the information you need, so that you are able to make informed decisions about your defense.

Get The Support You Need After A DUI

We know that a DUI can happen to almost anyone. We offer judgment-free legal representation, so that you can move forward without fearing for your future. Call our criminal defense team at 901-755-8075. You can also reach us by using our online contact form. Located in Memphis, we serve clients facing DUI charges throughout the Memphis metro area and in Western Tennessee.